There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds
Cyber attacks target small business
Since COVID-19, the US FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes
More than 77% of organizations do not have a Cyber Security Incident Response plan

Cyber Security services from InterHyve

At InterHyve, our cybersecurity experts help you reduce the risk of cyberthreats like ransomware, brute force attacks, and data breaches. We monitor your entire network 24/7 to collect real-time data for effective and quick cyber incident response. InterHyve offers a wide range of cybersecurity services.

Why USInterHyve Cyber Security Is What You Need

Security Assessment Services

Running a cyber-resilient business requires discovering vulnerabilities, testing accessibility controls, and evaluating risks. That’s where cybersecurity risk assessment expertise comes in. Our methods of conducting network security assessment include ethical hacking and penetration testing services. Our 360-degree IT risk assessment is backed by years of industry experience and the latest cybersecurity tools.

Cyber Defense Consulting Services

Cybersecurity consulting services help you design and integrate security products across all layers (network, host, system, and application), ensuring complete protection. Our expert cybersecurity assessment consultant team will transform your security setup to fend off advanced cyberattacks, keeping your network safe 24/7.

Cyber Defense Operation Services

Our cybersecurity defense solutions will take care of all facets of your cyber defense operation, including devices such as Firewalls, WAFs, Web Proxies, IDS/IPS, and more. As an experienced managed network security service consultant, we will help you create and implement a cyber defense operation strategy that suits and adapts to your changing requirements.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Services

Our InterHyve Detection and Response Team (IART) will help extend your ability to respond to cyberattacks. From threat containment and eradication to creating and implementing mitigation strategies after a cybersecurity incident, our experts will help you at every step. Our cybersecurity incident response plan is based on advanced threat intelligence and technologies.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Our Virtual Security Officer or Veezo provides real-time cybersecurity threat intelligence to help you discover threats targeting your organization. Our security and intelligence services offer you the advantage of limiting the damages caused by successful security breaches through careful analysis of how threat actors behave.

Cybersecurity Incident Detection Services

InterHyve offers a suite of cybersecurity services. From automatic incident detection to improving your response and mitigation capabilities, our cyber threat detection and response services will take care of all your needs. We will work closely with your in-house team to implement an incident detection process to ensure detection, investigation, and response to cyber attacks.

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FAQWhat Do You Need Help With?

What Is Interhyve's Veezo Service?

Veezo is a high-end cybersecurity solution that analyzes your network for cyber threats. Powered with automation and highly-trained SOC (Security Operation Center), this service proactively safeguards your data from cyber-attacks.

How Does Interhyve's Cyber Security Services Help Lower My Security Risks?

Veezo quickly intercepts data threats and curbs cybersecurity risks while optimizing the overall security of your IT systems. The 24/7 network monitoring and protective threat identification and mitigation reduce cybersecurity risks considerably.

What Tools Do You Use to Manage Our Security?

In addition to your existing cybersecurity tools, we also use Veezo, a high-end cybersecurity solution. It monitors and analyzes your end-to-end network communications for cyber risks.

I Already Have A Firewall and Antivirus. Why Do I Need Veezo cybersecurity?

Veezo acts as an additional layer of security. It works with the existing security systems to secure your networks. This solution analyzes, intercepts, and alerts you in the case of a data compromise, thereby minimizing the response time. Moreover, it facilitates proactive cyber threat mitigation.

Why Is Veezo Different from Other Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)?

We offer you our cybersecurity solution after a detailed evaluation of your IT infrastructure. It ensures that your cybersecurity strategy aligns with your business requirements. Veezo focuses on helping you grow while containing the ever-evolving cybersecurity risks.

We Just Passed Our PCI, HIPAA Compliance Audit. Why Should I Worry About More Security?

Ensuring compliance doesn’t necessarily mean your network is secure. Your network may still have security gaps that can lead to a data breach. Veezo establishes a secure IT environment while ensuring compliance.

We're Too Small of An Organization to Have Any Security Problems, Right?

Small organizations also need as much cybersecurity as the large ones. In fact, the lack of security can attract the attention of cyber criminals, making you an easy target. Fortunately, Veezo can support your business regardless of its size.

We Don't Have Any Critical Data That Anyone Would Want, So Why Should I Care About Veezo Cyber Security?

All businesses have payroll data, banking, financial records, and insurance information among others. You may also have customer's personal information like names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep this information safe, which is what Veezo does.

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