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InterHyve is a leading Geneva-based managed IT service provider known for its proactive management, proven track record, and 21 years of professional expertise.

We offer managed IT services, consulting, and technical support to a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses. We focus on providing flexible IT solutions, helping companies adapt to their changing IT needs as the business grows.

What sets us apart is our agility and speed. Further, when you are in IT for almost two decades, you develop a perspective to look at every project (small or big) as a challenge. With your IT support in our hands, you can simply focus on growing your business further.

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Meet the People behind the
‘IT’ Factor

People who work at InterHyve share the core values of our organization which are agility and speed. Apart from these core qualities, we have consistently hired talented IT geeks from all walks of the technology realm who are passionate, goal-oriented, and quality driven.

We believe in stretching our limits but also in maintaining a wholesome work-life balance. As a result, our team is a perfect combination of youthful energy, community values, and industry experience. Our varied tech backgrounds and professional experiences lend us the unique ability to provide agile, advanced, and scalable IT solutions to our customers at lightning speed.

Meet the torchbearers of InterHyve.

Aude Le Lay - Admin and Finance Manager
Aude Le Lay
Admin and Finance Manager
Fabrice Cochard
Information Systems Architect
Benzir Mohammed
Senior Engineer
Neptali Castillo
Support Technician
Evangelos Agelakis
Procurement Officer
Thomas Raback
Systems Engineer
Chirag Shah
Systems Engineer
Ronak Shah
Systems Engineer
Suraj Mochi
Systems Engineer
Vijay Suthar
Web Development Specialist
Mariella Oberholzer
Company Coordinator
Hugo Regadas
Support Technician
Thomas Amann - Support Technician
Thomas Amann
Support Technician
Alois Borgognon
Support Technician
Cristina Castillo - Support Technician
Cristina Castillo Jaramillo
Support Technician
Nabil Kahlerras
Support Technician
Team Photo
Damien Lotte
Support Technician
Coco Tambo
Good Humour Officer
Fabrice Beaux
Kofi Nyamekye
Co-Founder CEO/COO

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