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About Us

InterHyve Sàrl is a privately held Swiss company with more than a decade of experience in the information technology domain. Based in Geneva, our headquarters are located in the heart of the international district, just five minutes from the United Nations. We also operate a branch office (InterHyve Technologies Sàrl) in Lausanne to better accommodate you across the entire Lemanic Arc. Both these organisations operate under our common brand: InterHyve Systems.


InterHyve Systems has grown at a steady pace since its inception to keep up with the ever increasing role of the IT sector in our daily life. This controlled growth has since allowed us to become a Microsoft Gold Partner in 2007 as well as investing heavily in internal professional training, new infrastructures & IT platforms, thus now offering a very wide range of products and services.


What lays in the future of InterHyve? Looking forward, we will consolidate our commitment to the provision of solid customer service. We will focus on improving our technical offerings ensuring that you benefit from the rapidly evolving IT landscape.

Our aim it to build on our position as your preferred partner. We will concentrate on being even more attentive to your specific needs in order to advise you on the most appropriate technical solutions to increase your productivity.


But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you are a global organisation, an SME, an embassy or an international Non-Profit organisation, you are looking for a partner that will provide simple solutions , so you can focus on your job and stop worrying about the technical complexities and confusion.


Our goal is to implement IT strategies that align with your business/organizational needs. Our handcrafted systems will help you benefit from new technologies to achieve your stated objectives with better productivity. Our philosophy is that a well designed IT solution is one that works transparently in the background without ever bothering you.


We also strongly believe that any IT function needs to be flexible and reactive to changes in your organization. On a daily basis, new people are hired, acquisitions are made and offices are moved. Through regular communication, we can ensure that we are constantly recommending you the required tools to perform your trade successfully.


You will love working with us.