Your Virtual Security Officer / Up Your Security for Modern Day Attacks

Veezo Your Virtual Security Officer

Intercept Potential Cyber Attacks in Seconds

An increasing number of businesses are falling prey to cyberattacks. As tactics used by cybercriminals evolve, your sensitive business data becomes more vulnerable to hacks and attacks.

Unfortunately, traditional firewalls and antivirus solutions are no longer sufficient to protect your organization against ever-growing cybercrime. This is where Veezo comes in. It can help protect your network by stopping cyberattacks before they cause any harm.

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What Is Veezo?

Veezo is an advanced cybersecurity solution that analyzes your end-to-end network communications for cyber threats. It uses automated AI and highly-trained SOC (Security Operation Center). So, your organization gets the best possible solutions at lightning speed.

  • A Great Gain in Time Veezo helps save your time by a mile. It allows you to implement security measures and mitigate potential cybersecurity attacks quickly.
  • Plug and Play It’s a plug-and-play solution. All you need to do it download the software, finish the initial installation process, and you are ready to go.
  • 24/7 Active SOC It offers an increased level of security with a 24/7 active SOC (Security Operation Center). SOC offers you real-time security alerts and solutions, safeguarding your network day and night.
  • AI-Based Real-Time Protection Thanks to its ever-learning AI, Veezo can investigate all your communications channels actively. Most importantly, it can learn from previous cyberattacks and keep fortifying your network over time.

Veezo Delivers Where Traditional Security Systems Fail

Unfortunately, cybercrimes keep evolving, resulting in increasingly complicated and malicious cyber attacks. This is why your organization needs a virtual security office like Veezo.

Veezo takes active measures to protect your valuable business data from cyber threats before they turn into a disaster. It is particularly helpful in protecting your data as you migrate your business applications to a new cloud or add new digital applications.


  • Real-time threat analysis without interfering with your daily communications.
  • Expert CIOs and IT personnel to mitigate threats quickly.
  • An AI-based solution that keeps evolving over time.
  • Smart investigation of all inbound and outbound communication.
  • Fortify and manage your IT infrastructure.
  • Save valuable time between detecting and mitigating an attack through automation.

What You Can Expect

With Veezo, you get more than just cyber protection.

  • Expert advice on fortifying your IT infrastructure.
  • Training your employees for secure communication.
  • Immediate counteractions to prevent further damage.
  • Instant alerts to all the essential personnel.
  • VEEZO Threat Analysis Center helps you verify the legitimacy of all communication.