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AntiSpam Protection

Are you wasting time viewing and deleting spam? Do you expose your company to email security risks?


What is InterHyve AntiSpam?


InterHyve AntiSpam has the power and reliability of a high-end spam solution without the large capital expense or constant administration headaches. 



What are the main advantages?


Fast. Effective. Simple.
InterHyve AntiSpam provides businesses with fast, effective, and simple cloud-based protection allowing for optimal use of computers and servers. Without slowing down your PCs, InterHyve AntiSpam  provides effective protection that stops web threats in the cloud before they reach your business machines.


Device Control
InterHyve AntiSpam controls access to USB drives and other attached devices to block threats.


Data Loss Prevention
InterHyve AntiSpam prevents the loss of information sent out via email, whether the attempt is deliberate or unintentional.

Mac Computer Security
In addition to PC security, the InterHyve AntiSpam has integrated protection for Mac clients (iMacs and MacBooks) and servers, without needing to purchase and manage additional solutions.

Reduced Footprint, Improved Security
InterHyve AntiSpam provides customized installation options, so you only get the security you need. Because the security is cloud-based, updates are continuous and new threats are blocked faster, before they can reach your computers.


Emergency email backup

If your company’s servers go down we’ll temporarily hold all your incoming mail on our system and then automatically deliver it to you the moment your servers are back up, thus eliminating the chance of missing important messages due to power failures, server crashes, etc.. This emergency backup feature is highly valued by our existing clients and is included as part of our standard subscription.


Complete customization & control
Customize your filtering on both an individual and company-wide level. You can add senders (or entire domains) to a ‘Trusted Senders’ or a ‘Blocked Senders’ list, set the filtering levels, decide what to do with spam and viruses (delete, quarantine through, etc.), and choose how to receive reports.


No administration headaches
Do nothing as we stop your spam. Our solution is truly a hands-off system. We manage everything unless you would like to customize your settings. We let you forget about spam and get back to managing your business.




What are the key benefits? 



  • Identifies and blocks new and emerging threats in the cloud, before they impact your business.
  • Protects without affecting your performance or speed.
  • Virus scans run in the background so your computers are unaffected.



  • Cloud-based protection stops viruses, spyware, and other web threats before they can reach your business.
  • URL filtering keeps employees from inappropriate and infected websites.



  • Specifically designed for businesses with a limited number of IT staff.
  • Easy to install and use, no IT expertise required.
  • Security status at-a-glance and easy-to-read security reports.





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