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Proactive Monitoring

InterHyve has a service that allows us to implement a proactive monitoring suite to achieve  peace of mind. This solution authorizes the monitoring of remote systems for a wide range of critical systems resources.


Within minutes you can have IT, server, data storage, application, SNMP, database & network monitoring in place for:

  • Hardware issues
  • Backups
  • OS updates
  • System event logs
  • Services and processes
  • Mail status
  • And much more!


Why InterHyve Proactive Monitoring is easy and quick


InterHyve Proactive Monitoring provides on-demand enterprise grade IT monitoring for IT platform and application. That’s it. There’s no hardware, expensive software, lengthy implementation or training required.


Extending IT monitoring to meet custom applications or tweaking it to match customer-specific thresholds is also simple. Thresholds can be tweaked and our agent can download new monitoring rules quickly and painlessly.

Here are some examples:


Mail server monitoring

Checks mail servers running SMTP, POP3, and IMAP services for functionality, availability, and performance.


Ping and trace route monitoring service

The Ping command sends an ICMP echo request to a target name or IP address, in order to verify IP-level connectivity. This is useful to ensure the integrity of routers, firewalls, and many other Internet appliance devices.


Port Monitoring Service

InterHyve Proactive Monitoring attempts a connection with a specific port on a web server using a TCP or a UDP protocol to determine if the remote computer is accepting connections on that port. If the connection is not accepted, then the service is likely down and the alert process starts. This is similar to a Telnet application.


Private Agent

A behind-the-firewall monitoring services that is downloaded and set-up within a network, in order to monitor devices not visible from outside the network.