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Based in cosmopolitan Geneva, with a multicultural team and international companies as clients, we are well aware of the need for a service that goes beyond borders.

Most of our clients have offices in Switzerland and abroad. One challenge they often meet is to ensure all offices have the same reactivity, implement the same hardware and software standards. For this reason, they want to simplify their life and only deal with one company for all of their IT.  

With today’s technology, we aren’t restrained by any physical borders. Therefore, we adapted our service offerings to make sure you would benefit from it, wherever you are.


Our services are available internationally thanks to specially vetted like-minded trusted partners’ network in:

  • Across Switzerland
  • London
  • Munich
  • Singapore


Our partners’ network consists of people compatible with our focus on delivering real customer satisfaction. The quality of the service there is aligned to the one you already have here. We set high standards in choosing our partners as your peace of mind is our core business.   


How does it work?


For the existing partner network, we will simply plan with the partner to meet you in the required office.

  • We will setup a specific email alias that can be used to communicate and initiate support or change requests.
  • If required we can manage the reporting, coordination and invoicing of the related services.


For new locations we will:

  • Work with you to define the required service level and technical competencies of the potential partner.
  • Reach out through our business network to screen, interview and select the appropriate partner.
  • Formalize their engagement and integrate them into our existing service delivery process.


We want what is best for you. We not only provide it to you in our hometown, we want you to be able to enjoy our services, wherever your offices develop.

We plan on expanding our offer to more countries in the following years to provide you with even more options.

If you would like to learn more about our international possibilities awaiting you, please contact us here